Chow, Raymond

Born in 1941 Raymond Chow is a well seasoned artist with over 60 years of producing and exhibiting his original drawings, paintings and giclee prints. His art is in the Royal Palace of India, and major corporate and private collections throughout Canada, USA, Europe and China. His style has been compared to the evolution of Picasso and earlier works are reminiscent to the work of Andrew Wyeth. He has constantly progressed forward to Grand Piano Abstractionism and Computer Component Experimental. He has owned several galleries in Vancouver, BC. He has settled in Pleasantville, NS where he produces new works inspired by local scenery and people.

Artist Statement

I do my drawings to record architectural history often created right on location and are uniquely hand tinted by myself. Many of these locations have been consumed by a wreckers ball.  Unlike other building artists I use humor and figures in and outside the structures to create added interest. When painting acrylic on canvass I have used everything from fine Chinese brushes to house brushes to car tires.

I have a keen interest in art history and the past styles of the Masters and this propels me into the future doing piano abstractionism and experimental pieces using computer components.

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