Hancock, Diana (Dolly)

Diana (Dolly) Hancock studied art in the UK and worked as a trompe l’oeil decorative painter before emigrating to Toronto in ’87. She undertook commissions both at home and abroad before moving to Chester in ’02. A perfect solution: desiring a less peripatetic lifestyle, being more in tune with nature, and ‘completing’ a valuable family connection. Since then she is largely self-taught and painting on a smaller scale. Similar to the solidity of walls and ceilings, most of her paintings are oil on masonite.

Artist Statement

I have painted or created for as long as I can remember. Both my parents were creative and practical. Painting huge murals on ceilings and walls was fun but physically tough. I now paint during the delightfully quiet, long winter months, taking inspiration from the rugged beauty of Nova Scotia’s south shore, comical characters in nature, and trips back to Europe. It is such a treat to be able to play with paint and colour and continually look at the world as a potential painting or project. Miraculous!

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