Jeremy Vaughan - New Paintings: Now Renting

"Jeremy Vaughan: New Paintings" is the artist's latest series, featuring misty coastlines and warm forest scenes. Vaughan's work strays from convention as it embraces the dreamy fog of Nova Scotia's coast, featuring hazy horizons alongside tranquil sands. Vaughan's work invites viewers to commune with nature through the lens of acrylic paint, encouraging an experiential appreciation of the natural world.

Artist Statement

In March of this year, my father passed away. Before he died, he was unwell through much of the pandemic, and I spent a lot of time with him. Through this hard time, going to my studio to paint was a comfort and escape for me. 

My first paint set came from my dad. I remember as a kid watching him draw pictures of animals, and portraits of people.   He made it look so easy.  Before my dad taught school, he was an artist for a few years. As a teacher, he would draw elaborate and funny illustrations on the chalk boards as part of his lessons.

My dad was an avid hiker. Together, we went to the top of Mount Washington when I was 9. We hiked Knife Edge trail in Baxter State park a few years later, the most dramatic and frightening hike I've ever been on.   We hiked to Cape Split repeatedly, in Fundy Park, Kouchibouguac, Keji , the Avalon Peninsula, Gros Morne, Broad Cove, and many many others. Places where the power and beauty of nature made a huge impression on me.

 My dad would identify trees, flowers, birds, plants, and geological features.  My first canoe and kayak trips were with my dad. We paddled in rivers, lakes and occasionally on the ocean near Green Bay. His philosophy was to decide to go, and go. With little to no planning, often forgetting warm clothes, water and food, just go.  I remember eating a lot of berries on hikes with him because I was so hungry. There were some dangerous moments, some wonderful days, and big memories. 

I also remember trips to Toronto, and Montreal, where the two of us would visit dozens of galleries. We would go into fancy commercial galleries, my dad dressed in old running shorts, mismatched socks, and an assortment of other fantastically peculiar fashion choices. I remember vividly the disdainful looks on the faces of some of the stylish gallery owners. My dad was completely oblivious to other people's judgements.   Memorably we went to the McMichael gallery where so many of the group of seven paintings are kept. He especially loved the small sketches stored then in drawers that could be pulled out, and David Milne's work.  In London, England we crisscrossed the city from one gallery to another, and saw several touring shows of masters work which inspired me greatly.

Toward the end of his life, it was harder for him to communicate.  I often showed him my new work on my phone and he would smile and say "Lovely!" I still remember at one of my early art shows, one that I had worked especially hard on, he got emotional and was only able to say to me "Very proud" in a shaky voice.

I'd like to dedicate this show to my father, Rodney Vaughan. A patient, eccentric, kind and generous man, who helped shape my love of art, and nature.

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