Jeremy Vaughan - Ocean, River, Stream

Exhibition by Jeremy Vaughan.

"Being outside in nature is a tonic for me. A medicine that connects me and tunes me in to gratitude for wild places and for life in general. Looking at the water on a familiar hike by the sea, following a stream to a favourite swimming spot, catching the smell of trees, and ocean air, wet dirt. The colour combinations of the "wild gardens", with lichens, moss, granite, bark, grasses, ferns growing together. Seeing the bones of the land where footsteps have worn through to make trails. It is a treasure that is completely available. 

     Last summer I swam a lot, taking my daughter Holly along dozens of times. I felt a new connection to water. I felt clearly how alive and profoundly wonderful it is. Water's touch can be a "loving touch", playful, enlivening, soothing. The way water moves in waves, the way it sounds, the way it reflects light and sings with colour.  A swim in a lake changes the electrical wiring in my body, from city mode to a more grounded mode. Water delights and breathes life, pleasure, buoyancy. Swimming in my favourite lakes, observing islands from the vantage point of my kayak, gliding by tiny beaches, sculpted by the ocean. We have a treasure right here in our backyard.

   A friend once told me that "everything with water in it is alive". As the origins of life are in the ocean, and as water courses through us accounting for 60% of our bodies, there is a deep connection. I know that I want to spend more time near water, kayaking on it, and painting it. I hope the pleasure I experienced in finding these spots to paint comes across to the viewer."

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