Johns, Linda

Linda Johns is an internationally known visionary artist, award-winning writer and naturalist. For the last 45 years, her unique life and artwork has explored the enduring invisible forces at work within the visible world.

Linda lives in rural Nova Scotia where she obtains the solitude and inspiration to work. Primarily self educated, she depicts wildlings and wilderness in meaningful visual and universal metaphors. Her work in acrylic painting, linocut prints, ink pen and brush drawings, carvings in wood, stone, clay and bone, all integrate this archetypal symbolism with her knowledge and sensitivity to the energies and life-forms of our natural world.

Artist Statement

I want to draw my viewers into an archetypal world where the fundamental forces of destruction and renewal, of rending chaos and of healing emergence, are played out in symbolic terms, in our spiritual, ecological and psychological realms. As layers of meaning are revealed in the interweaving of familiar forms, such as birds, whales, rabbits, trees and shells, the viewer is afforded his or her own private renewal, a kind of wordless understanding of the elements which govern nature, and thus our lives.