Kanyok, Darrel

Born and raised in the US with maternal roots in Canada, Darrel now happily resides in Halifax, NS. A practicing artist for most of my life with formal art instruction from childhood through his late teen years, he could be considered self-taught. His adult education includes Fashion Design, Interior Design, Cosmetology, and Estate Management and has taken him from New York to Europe and back. In addition to painting, Darrel adds two art books and a children’s book to his credit.

Artist Statement

In a hurried world I stop and focus, and then mentally record what I see. This focus changes my perspective if only for a brief moment, allowing me to become subconsciously humbled by the beauty and simplicity of what I see and feel. Earth’s vibrant landscape, the endless horizon of the sea, the soft architectural formation of clouds, the inspiration is born. It is my desire to represent, through my work, beautiful imagery that I experience and to share my interpretation of it.