Kondo, Miyoshi

Miyoshi Kondo was born in Toronto in 1981. She came to love working in gouache while acquiring a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She lives in Wolfville, Nova Scotia where she paints and raises children, chickens and vegetables. Her paintings can be found in galleries throughout Nova Scotia.

Artist statement

My paintings explore and play with ideas of how we live and interact within our natural and constructed environments. A common theme is home – I think about how and where we live, and what this means to us.

As humans, we carve out our living spaces everywhere, anywhere. We constantly struggle to control nature. If we neglect to maintain our hold, it creeps in with equal determination. I wonder about the destruction we inflict, the futility of our efforts for dominance and how we live in increasing disharmony with our surroundings. With our growing and constant access to information we seem to distance ourselves from our environment and each other.

I love the whole process of painting from the first imaginings to the physical application of paint; in sharing ideas that can provoke a wide range of reactions.

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