Lee, Yurianna

Yurianna graduated with a degree of Fine Arts from South Korea in 1993. She briefly maintained an art studio, and taught children and youth.

Inspired by her daughter, Yurianna painted a series of young musicians, displaying their passion for music. She created a series of Halifax’s urban streets, as well as the vast open skies. Her work also represents the meaningfulness of her spiritual life.

Since 2015, Yurianna has been a member of the American Portrait Society, when she received third merit in the landscape additional awards of their 11th annual competition.

Artist Statement

To me, nothing compares with the beauty of the world. The sky, opening up to the heavens. The greenery, shining after a rainstorm. The streets of my city, familiar and new. People of all nations. My spiritual life, when people of all walks of life come together as one to strive for peace. There are times when it’s easy to forget about the beauty surrounding us. As an artist, I strive to capture all the beauty I encounter and share them through canvas. My hope is to serve as a reminder of beauty if someone ever needs it.

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