Lucis, Ilze

Born in Montreal to Latvian parents, Ilze currently lives in Halifax with her current ‘heartbeat’… Valentino. Having spent a lifetime dedicated not only to raising her own three grown children, but also to raising the children of many others in the Halifax Regional School Board, she has also been dedicating herself to her art.

Ilze has spent the last 10 years playing with beads in one shape or another with designing and creating bracelets, earrings and necklaces. She began watercolour in 2006 with Sophie Pilipczuk followed by several other inspirational teachers including Karen Wilson, Heather Crout, Joanne Colman and most recently JoAnne Muise. Ilze went on a ‘photo-vacation’ in Peru in April 2013 where she learned some wonderful techniques while taking numerous photographs that she is still using as reference material for her art.

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