Collection: Mitchelmore, Kelly

Native to Nova Scotia, Kelly is a self-taught using both acrylic and oil mediums. She grew up drawing and painting with her grandmother and followed her contemporary approach to painting. Later Kelly discovered the impasto technique and found her own style using both knife and brush. Kelly has a Bachelor of Applied Interior Design from Mount Royal University – this has been incredibly beneficial with her approach to art through the various perspective, layout presentation, and light and colour theory classes. Creating for over 20 years Kelly shows throughout Canada and has her own studio gallery in Windsor NS. 

Artist Statement

Inspired by nature, Kelly prefers to paint large paintings using dramatic colours and thick layers of knife or brush. She doesn’t mediums or fillers, layering the paint to produce complex hues and textures. Known for her poppies, her work is bright and bold with movement. Kelly’s studio has black out curtains as she doesn’t want to know the time while creating – getting lost in the work - while also controlling the play of light while painting. Kelly likes to paint standing, moving quickly with knife strokes and she enjoys loud music as she creates.

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