Nancy Roberts - Shapes from Somewhere Else: NOW RENTING

I make hand-built, one-of-a-kind sculpture, from themed fortune cookies to unheard-of creatures.

For this show, Shapes from Somewhere Else, I explored shape first. Some sculptures, such as Torso and The Elephant in the Room, revealed themes. Rising at first glance is merely clownish, but at the same time is blindly – seriously, I think – seeking. Others, like Spike Ball, perform mainly as shapes.

The nine large sculptures are the core of the show. The smaller works share a level of abstraction: nothing is exactly a real thing.

I cling to the freedom to realize sculptural ideas that come from I-don’t-know-where. My goal is for the works to create a response in the viewer, or at least to intrigue and entertain. There is more than one answer to What is it?”

Please enjoy finding your own interpretations.