Ridley, Penny

Penny Maloney Ridley was born in Wales and immigrated to Montreal, Quebec in the late 1950s. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from Sir George Williams University (Concordia) and a Bachelor of Education, Art Specialist from the University of Toronto. She had early success in showing her acrylic and watercolour paintings, and gradually developed this interest into a teaching career. Her subsequent education at Sheridan College and through apprenticeship programs led her to explore various media, including fiber art, collage, sculpture, pottery and printmaking. However, drawing is still the force of her work, and it is from this concentration that all of her pieces emerge.

Artist Statement

The works are often developed thematically and explore personal growth, both physical and emotional, ecological and social issues, or simply the inquiry and experimentation of the relationships of the elements of design. My hope is that with whatever narrative, the viewer can perceive a calm, serene and natural image.

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