Swainson, Pamela

Pamela Swainson was born in Manitoba, Canada, a descendent of Icelandic immigrants. At a young age, she moved to Eastern Canada to attend the Fine Arts Program at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick.

As with many women, her art practice was shared with a career in Health care and family commitments. Since 2007, Pamela has had a number of one person and group shows, private and public commissions. She works in oil, watercolour and drawing mediums.

Artist Statement

The environment around me inspires and challenges. In my work I explore the relationships in our natural world. My inspiration often comes from my practice of knitting. As I knit, turning string into cloth, I see the transformational process everywhere. Sheep eat grass, fed by the sun. We gather the wool and knit the sun into garments that keep us warm.

I am also a farmer. It is a constant reminder of the interconnections I explore, and keeps me connected to a natural environment.

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