Tracey, Gregg

Gregg Tracey was born on a small Lockhartville farm in the Annapolis Valley. He has worked in his studio near LaHave for 47 years. Primarily self-taught, Gregg began his career after studying a term at Institudo D’Allende, Mexico, (’72). His work is represented in the Nova Scotia Art Bank and part of the following collections: the Bronfman’s Claridge Collection in Montreal, the Robert C. Hain’s Collection in Nova Scotia, and the private collection of former Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson. After purchasing one of Gregg’s pieces, Margaret Atwood mentioned his work in a 2003 article she wrote about Lunenburg for the New York Times.

Artist Statement

Making art allows me to explore deeper parts of my self, where thinking steps aside, allowing art itself to flow through me.

I live a mile in the woods. Red-tail hawks, owls, deer and other creatures share this sanctuary with me, igniting something very precious within me. I feel drawn to express my wonder through my art.

My woodblock prints begin with a search for what is hidden in the wood. Once revealed, I use small tools to carve the image into reality. Ink is then rolled upon the block. Paper is laid, and hand-rubbed to capture the image, in the ancient printing tradition used long before the printing press.

There are no pieces in this view, here are some recommendations.