Ward, Ken

An artist from birth, born of a cowboy father who illustrated books of western stories and a mother who was a bowling champion and a fashion designer, Ken first left home at the age of eight to pursue his artistic dreams. Twenty years later, after working as a cook, an insurance valuation clerk, a carpenter and a forklift operator, Ken landed at the doors of NSCAD in 1977 and spent four years painting, making sculptures, and drawing, studying art history and earing a BFA degree, eventually returning to complete a Masters degree in Art Education. During that time, Ken had two books of children’s poetry published by Annick Press. Taking up the guitar at the age of fifty, Ken has, as a singer/ songwriter, produced three CD’s of original music, all nominated for Music Nova Scotia recoding awards. Ken has lived in Halifax for the pas forty-two years.

Artist Statement

My work is essentially about my love of painting, of colour and texture, of drawing and sculpting with a palette knife. The “Hearts of Gold” series deals with relationships and the challenge for me as an artist is to take an ironically loaded image such as the heart and try to give it relevance, make it about the myriad ways in which people love each other. My hope is that the pleasure that I get from my exploration of colour and form in my paintings of trees and flowers trigger a pleasure reaction in the viewer, bringing some joy into their life.

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