An oil painting depicting a woman sitting on a bench overlooking a body of water at sunset. There is an outcropping of land with a building in the upper left.

MIke Kasongo: Serenity Amidst Adversity

On display for the month of March, “Serenity Amidst Adversity” is a thought-provoking art exhibition that aims to illustrate how serenity is a crucial tool in navigating complex issues in a time marked by significant global challenges and uncertainties. The primary objective is to ignite dialogue on how serenity can be the source of resilience and strength, to overcome the most daunting obstacles; whether it be social, economic, environmental or personal struggles.

Mike Kasongo is a self-taught artist born in Kinshasa, Dr. Congo and currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He harmoniously blends the timeless elegance of European Renaissance art with the rich cultural tapestry of African heritage through his masterful creations, inviting viewers on a journey that transcends borders.

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