Collection: Smith, Travis

Travis Smith was born in Halifax and spent his early years ambling about the lakes and forests of Waverley while helping out in the family bakery on Agricola St.

While Travis claims to be self taught his Mother, Joan Smith a painter and potter taught painting at Dartmouth Vocational school for decades and had considerable Influence upon Travis's creativity.

Travis took to studying drawing, painting and art history very seriously in the early 2000's and has sold works as a vendor on Spring Garden Road ajacent to the Public Gardens.

Artist Statement

I truly enjoy urban environments and the humans existing within. I use acrylic paint because it gives me an abrupt synthetic look and feel while minimizing a mediums inclination to blend together. I have come to embrace imperfection as part of my abstracts and strive for impression via economy of brush strokes.

In this series entitled "Spring Garden Road People" I felt the distance between individuals was very important in capturing the moment; I gave the environments considerably less attention so the characters would receive more of the viewers focus. 

As your eyes travel from person to person and you encounter the subjects' body language and familiarities you may experience shifting emotions.