Terms and Conditions of Rental

  1. Conditions of Rental – The Renter is a member of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and, as such, is entitled to enter into this Agreement. The minimum rental period shall be one (1) month and is subject to renewal; the maximum rental period shall be six (6) months, twelve (12) months for corporate members. (Works will not be rented to restaurants or similar premises if such premises are found to be unsuitable for safe preservation of works of art.) This rental contract, once entered into, shall be binding during any extensions of the original rental period. Under no circumstances will any portion of the rental fee be refunded, nor can any substitutions be made except in the case of withdrawal by the artist (see paragraph 5).
  2. Return – The Renter agrees to return the Work(s) to Teichert Gallery - Art Sales and Rental Society within the time provided by the Agreement and upon failing to do so to pay the Society the overdue charges (set forth on the reverse side for each day after the prescribed return date) until the Work has been returned. The Work shall not be deemed to be returned until it has been delivered to the Art Sales and Rental Society during business hours.
  3. Delivery – Costs for delivery are to be paid by the Renter.
  4. Purchase – At any time before the due date, the Work may be purchased at the sale price. Rental fees (not to exceed six (6) months or not to exceed three (3) months for SD rentals) that have been prepaid will be deducted from the purchase price plus sales tax, etc. In the event that the purchase price is paid in more than one payment (by installment) the title shall remain with the artist until the purchase price is fully paid.
  5. Withdrawal – The renter acknowledges that the Artist has the right to withdraw the Work from Teichert Gallery - Art Sales and Rental Society upon request, and that the Society may give notice of such withdrawal. Upon receipt of notice, the Renter shall return the Work to the Society on the date of the expiration of the Agreement. However, if the Renter wishes to purchase the Work, he/she can do so within ten (10) days upon notice by the Society in the manner and for the amount described in paragraph 4.
  6. Care – The Renter acknowledges receipt of the Work(s) as stated on the reverse side hereof and accepts liability for its safe return in the same condition. The Renter shall give notice to the Society immediately of any loss or damage to the Work upon the occurrence of such loss or damage and shall not clean or repair the Work or remove it from its frame or base.
  7. Use – A rented work may not be used for commercial display. The Work may not be removed from the premises stated on the reverse side (other than to return it to Teichert Gallery - Art Sales and Rental Society) without first notifying the Society in writing. The Work may not be photographed or otherwise reproduced without the consent of the Society. The Renter shall not assign this agreement or any interest herein, or sub-lease, or part with possession of the Work without written consent of the Society first had and obtained.
  8. Insurance – The Renter shall insure the Work, in an amount equal to the Purchase Price, with an all-risk insurance policy. Failing this, the Renter shall assume responsibility for any loss or damage.
  9. Title – Nothing contained in this Agreement shall give or convey to the Renter any right, title, or interest in the Work, except as a Renter.
  10. Default and Repossession – On breach of any of the covenants herein contained or on failure by the Renter to return the Work(s) or failure to make payment pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, Art Sales and Rental Society or its agents, after written notice to the Renter, shall have the right to enter upon the Renter’s premises or any other place where the Work may be located and to repossess the Work(s) without liability for trespass. The renter shall pay any unpaid rental charges, the cost of the repossession, including transportation and legal fees and any overdue charges accruing to the repossession.

All covenants, liabilities and obligations entered into by the Renter or Renters shall be equally binding upon his, her or their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns and where more than one Renter joins, the covenants on their part shall be deemed to be joint and several covenants.