Renting Art: The Basics

Renting Art: The Basics

Unique in Halifax, Teichert Gallery offers the option to rent artwork before buying. With the rental program, clients have the option to try out different pieces in their space before committing to purchase. The rental program is perfect for:

  • HomeownersRachel Reeve - Let The Mystery Remain A Mystery (Small Mouth Bass)
  • Businesses
  • Film sets
  • Real estate staging

The monthly rental price is listed beside the purchase price for each painting. All paintings over $200 are available for rent, unless otherwise noted.

The maximum period for rentals is 6 months.* After  this time has passed, clients are contacted about purchasing or returning their piece. If a client wishes to purchase, all rental fees are deducted from the purchase price. This makes renting art a low-risk option for those who would like to try out a piece in their space or switch up their walls from time to time.

To be eligible to rent, you must live in Nova Scotia.

View the rental Terms and Conditions here

Any questions? Reach out to us at, or stop by!

 - Cormac Newman


*Businesses with a corporate membership to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia may rent for 12 months, though only a maximum of 6 months’ rent will be deducted from the purchase price.
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