Collection: Abbey, Gale

Gale Colpitts Abbey, was born in Albert Co., NB, grew up in Charlottetown, and has lived in Wolfville, NS for many years. She loved "making things" from childhood and credits PEI's school art classes for encouragement. Gale studied art at Acadia, NSCAD, and with many helpful teachers and workshops – especially, in the last decade, at Murray River PEI. Gale spends summers on PEI and shows her work at Teichert Gallery in Halifax and Details Gallery, Victoria Row in Charlottetown. She worked in oils and watercolour, now mainly works in acrylic for ease of international travel.

Artist Statement

Interpreting what I see, often with added colour and feeling, is an exciting experience for me; and the great diversity of landscape of PEI, and all of Atlantic Canada, really influence my work. Capturing "Moments in Time" and "Places of Memory" are important inspirations. I like my art to bring a warm feeling and a smile of memory.  Children on the beach, people at cafes, animals in the fields, boats bobbing in the ocean - they all speak to me and I love to share that special feeling through my art.

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