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Tom Alway was born in Massachusetts and raised in New Hampshire. He did his undergraduate work at the University of New Hampshire, attended Edinburgh University for a Summer Studies Program, and did his graduate work at York University in Toronto, where he received a Master's Degree in Political Science.

Tom went on to pursue a career in the theatre, first as an actor and then as a stage manager, and then moved into set decoration for film and television.

Tom started painting in the late nineties, self-taught, and had his first public exposure at the Art Sales and Rental Gallery in 2001, where he has since had two solo shows. Tom is a full-time artist and runs his own gallery in Petite Riviere Nova Scotia called the Maritime Painted Saltbox, now in its 19th season.

Artist Statement

I have no mission statement except to say that I enjoy painting. My painting started out reality-driven, but now I feel quite free to experiment and look at things from different perspectives. This is especially true of my window paintings, which reflect both sides of the canvas, behind and before. This has introduced me to what I call "fun" art: giving life to inanimate objects. This currently focuses on maritime themes, especially buoys. The gallery is a colourful experience for our clients. They keep coming back for more, so I keep painting.

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