Collection: Battaglia, Samantha

 Samantha Battaglia holds a BFA from NSCAD University, and a MSc. in Ecological Design from the Conway School in western Massachusetts. As an emerging artist, she has been the recipient of the 2013-2014 NSCAD Lunenburg Community Studio Residency Program, the 2014 White Rabbit Open Air Arts Residency and the 2016 Painters Residency at the Lunenburg School of the Arts. Currently, Samantha resides in Lunenburg where she works by day as an ecological designer and landscape planner and by night as an oil painter.


In previous bodies of work, Sam has used the painted surface as a tool for illusion and visual fragmentation while exploring the perils and beauty of both wild and urban spaces. This current body of work, SCAPE, returns to natural landscape, exploring the ambiguous condition that accompanies form when painting from both memory and image stills. She hopes her work evokes the mystical strength found in the work of other female landscape painters, a power that comes from a deep affiliation, a keen knowledge, and a woman’s understanding of the land.

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