Collection: Benditsky, Lesly

Lesly was born in Montreal, Quebec. She completed a B.A. in English Literature at York University in Toronto in 1985, and a BFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax in 1996.

She taught adult drawing and painting classes at NSCC and the Halifax Recreation Department from 1992 -2006, and has continued to teach in her home studio since then. Her works have been featured in numerous shows, including a solo show at Foxy Moon Gallery in Halifax in 2005, and juried group shows at NSCAD, Teichert Gallery and Anna Leonowens Gallery throughout the 2000s. 

Artist Statement

In art galleries and temples people go quiet. When I gaze at the sky, so do I. I've always been fascinated by the limitlessness of the sky, and inspired by the concept of no boundary. With the tip of my brush, I feel I touch a corner of the infinite.

I wish to bring this and offer art as a sanctuary of peace - as a way to connect with ourselves, each other and to Spirit.