Collection: Berdkan, Patrizia

Patrizia Berdkan is a self-taught artist who was born in Montreal and currently calls Nova Scotia home. Patrizia's artistic journey has been shaped by her environment, experiences, and interests. Immersed in artistic endeavors her whole life, Patrizia has developed a unique style that showcases her love for mid-century modern art and design, which serves as inspiration for her work and is often reflected in the clean lines and geometric shapes that she incorporates into her pieces. A vintage colour palette that gives her art a distinct, timeless quality that speaks to her personal style.

Working primarily with acrylics on birch board, Patrizia creates visually stunning pieces that often feature bold lines and shapes, all the while incorporating a wide array of vibrant colours. Her passion for art has led her to explore various media, but she has always found herself drawn to acrylics, as she finds them to be the perfect medium to express her creativity and ideas.

Despite not having any formal training in art, Patrizia has honed her skills through her own hard work and determination. Her dedication to her craft and her love for creating art have led her to produce works that are both visually stunning and thought-provoking. With each new piece, Patrizia continues to explore and push the boundaries of her creativity, leaving her mark on the art world as a self-taught artist.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am drawn to the vibrant energy of bright colors and the timeless appeal of mid-century design. My love for all things vintage and retro serves as a wellspring of inspiration for my creative work. Painting has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I am committed to continuing to develop and expand my art based on these themes. My art is not simply about aesthetics, but also about invoking a sense of nostalgia and familiar memories in my viewers. Through my use of color, form, and subject matter, I seek to capture the essence of bygone eras while imbuing my work with a modern sensibility. My hope is that my art will transport people to a different time and place, and inspire them to appreciate the beauty of the past in a new light.