Collection: Bogomol, Svetlana

 Svetlana is an illustrator based in Halifax, Canada. Some time ago, she left her career as a graphic designer to become a full-time artist, which is something she had always dreamed of.  Her education and knowledge of architectural rendering and drawing, composition and colour, helped her enter the realm of fine art. To enhance her overall art education, she took great pleasure in studying Art History. She continues to build and expand her knowledge base through online courses and mentoring sessions with established and experienced artists. 

Artist Statement

I have a special pleasure when I draw from life, getting direct inspiration from the subject. 

I am close in spirit to the statement of the aesthetic movement, "Art for Art's Sake." I believe that I can convey my feelings to the viewer through my work for peace, reflection, and enjoyment of the moment.  

I want to show the beauty of the world around me in my works. I love to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beauty of simple things. A special beauty is present in every person and it captures me. I have been challenging myself to delve deeper into the field of portraiture; I draw people whom I know personally, I know their story, and I want to share it.    

I appreciate the experience of the old masters that we have inherited. In my work, I seek a synthesis between old experience and new, contemporary aspirations. I highly appreciate the beauty and harmony that surrounds us.