Collection: Boma

Artist Statement

The driving force behind my paintings is a strong interest in human beings; the human spirit and its relationship with its environment. Utilizing expressive colours, my work examines daily subjects expressed in a contemporary style. My colour palette is heavily influenced by spending my formative years in the Tropics and having a strong fascination for graffiti art in my later years.

The notion of impermanence is central in my process. Catching the fleeting light as it falls on the subject, the hurried motion of each brush stroke evokes the same feeling of a street mural. I attempt to document human emotion or the lifeform of a city using abstract, free flowing, multiple layers of colours as they morph into an intelligent form. Utilizing raw, direct and immediate stroke of colours, I desire to startle the viewer. In each of my work there is also a time-based quality which is pronounced by the motion of the brush strokes and the sketch like nature of the finished works which suggests a kind of evolutionary process.

There is also a desire to represent the unconventional in my works, I strive to present a form of beauty that is seldom spoken about or shown in the media. As a lover of the human form and its interaction with its environment, I believe that the built environment is an extension of human expression. For this reason, I constantly seek out new places to inspire my art. Over the years I have kept a journal, documenting various people and places in Africa, Europe and North America through sketches. Eventually each sketch becomes an inspiration for a finished painting.