Collection: Callaway, Malcolm

Malcolm Callaway was born and educated in England and later emigrated to Canada. He did a small stint at art college, but is mainly self-taught. He has been working in realism with all mediums for over 50 years. Callaway has shown at AGNS 92 subject matter, Capture 2014 Dal realist show, Nudes in Canadian painting 1983 with Colville, Pratt in Toronto and in many collections across the country and abroad. He has taught in the school system and currently teaches adults.

Artist Statement

I make art for many reasons: beauty, mystery, humour and a sense of wonder. While I am primarily noted as a marine artist, I cover all subjects from portraits and still life to wildlife and mystery murals to frescoes.

I paint to engage others in the realm of the beauty around us, the solace of contemplation and the invitation to ask “What the hell does that mean?