Collection: Chen, Jinrong

Jinrong Chen graduated from Central Institute of Fine Art in Beijing, China in 1980 with a postgraduate degree, teaching there as an associate professor. He first lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1990, attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design as a visiting scholar. After returning to China in 1993, he ended his teaching work and came back to Halifax. He opened a studio where he created a large number of works and held individual exhibitions. His works are widely collected, famed for their watercolors.

In 2013, he held a personal exhibition at the China Museum of Fine Arts in Beijing and received wide acclaim. Published “The Collection of Jinrong Chen's Art Works.” His work received the 1982 National Illustrations Art Award in China and has been collected by the National Art Museum of China, the Great British Museum and an extensive private collection.


My nearest oil paintings depict the beautiful forest parks around Halifax; the quiet woods, the strange rocks, the clear waters all this gives me inspiration and passion for creation. I plan to continue to create.