Collection: Chevalier, Sylvie

Sylvie was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1964 and lived in the
Laurentians during her last twenty years in that province before
moving to Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia in 2021. Her love of nature
was foremost in her decision to leave her home town in order to live
surrounded by the beauty of mountains and lakes and now by the sea.
Sylvie was always drawn to visual arts and was always drawing as a
child and teenager. She studied photography in college and later
obtained a degree in interior design. She took an interest in painting
in her forties and took a few beginner classes in oil and acrylic
painting. After that she took part in abstract art workshops at Ateliers
Sfumato and that's where she discovered her love of abstraction and
its endless possibilities.
Sylvie works mainly with acrylic on canvas but also likes creating with
charcoal, pastels and gouache on paper. As for her creative process,
it consists of being present in the act of creation without expecting
specific results, never knowing where each stroke will lead, which
often leads to unexpected and pleasant surprises.
As for inspiration, the beauty and mystery of nature are what touches
her the most and what will often make their way in her work.

Artist Statement

Be brave and explore and let the joy of creation be
your goal.