Collection: Sandeson, Christene

Christene is from Truro, Nova Scotia. She has been drawing since childhood and adolescence. After completing her formal education (B.A., B.Ed. and M.Ed), she worked as an educator as well as an artist. She has taught art in various institutions, has implemented numerous art workshops, and has produced televised Art Education programs.

She has worked on projects with various artists and exhibited this work in regional public galleries including Mount St. Vincent University, Atlantic School of Theology, the former Dartmouth Heritage Museum, and private galleries in Amherst, Wolfville and Truro. This included being the co-owner of “Signatures Gallery of Fine Art”.

Christene serves on the Boards of the Truro Art Society and Attic Painters, and her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Nova Scotia.

Artist Statement

We are not the same as we were yesterday. We propel forward to make choices, regenerate, re-evaluate, reshape, revise and transform into new versions of ourselves. Like the cells of our organic makeup, we are forever adapting to circumstances. My paintings spring from my scrapbook of life experiences.

Inspired by seasonal beginnings and endings, my work explores universal themes such as the ebb and flow of life, the richness and frailty of the human condition, and the growth and decline of dreams. I layer the elements and subjects of my works to give the illusion of sinking depths and emerging lights, ultimately freezing and submerging memories under the glazes of time. For me, the metaphor is the meaning.