Collection: Clarke, Kit

Kit Clarke grew up in Montréal, Québec, travelling and living in many places since. She first studied fine art at several schools in Toronto, Ontario. She then moved on to study at the Chicago Art Institute in Illinois, finally settling in Nova Scotia to complete her degree at NSCAD University, where she now works as a librarian.

Kit has been actively making artwork for 38 years. Her work has been purchased by the Nova Scotia Art Bank and has been exhibited in group shows in several Canadian and American cities.

Artist Statement

My work is all about paper(s): torn, coloured, layered – every imaginable kind. Over many years, I’ve collected scores of paper, photographs and small artifacts. The materials that inspire me the most are the everyday objects I live with: abandoned scraps of wood and metal, textured papers, aged old photos and miniature toys. My artwork focuses primarily on drawing and painting and encompasses a variety of subject matter rendered using a mixed media/collage technique. My recent artwork explores imagery of daily life in a bygone era, combining drawing, painting and photography.