Collection: Clarke-Young, Rosemary

Bedford artist Rosemary Clarke Young studied art in Montreal and later at Barat College, Illinois, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Arizona State University. For the past 16 years, she has exhibited regularly in galleries and shows, both locally and in New Brunswick, Montreal, and Ottawa. Since 2008, she has taught children’s art classes, both privately and in local schools.

While Rosemary works in oil, encaustic and soft pastel, her principal medium is watercolour wax resist on rice paper. Her practice focuses mostly on interiors, inspired by simple views of everyday scenes.

Artist Statement

I am always experimenting with new art forms and materials and am constantly influenced by the children’s art classes that I teach. I especially love to paint with wax, starting first mixed with pigment in encaustic painting, but now focusing primarily in watercolour wax resist. This combines the satisfaction of painting in a hot wax medium with the translucency of watercolour and the texture of rice paper. The inspiration for my art comes from natural scenes of everyday life, usually interiors – simple, yet comforting – allowing me to play with light and shadow in my compositions.