Collection: Conklin, Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane has pursued her artistic interest since 1995. Mostly self-taught, she has been inspired by the scenic communities where she has lived, including Gloucester, MA; Sackville, NB; her birthplace, St. John’s NL; and her current home in Fall River, NS.

She has successfully exhibited in a number of galleries throughout the Atlantic Provinces. She is featured in ‘From Land and Sea, Nova Scotia Contemporary Landscape Artists’, (Nimbus Publishing, 2009), and the 2012 Sharing the View Calendar, a cooperative fundraising project with CBC Radio, and Feed Nova Scotia.

Sarah Jane signs, titles and dates all her paintings ‘en verso’.

Artist Statement

Atlantic Canada’s romantic landscape, wild beauty and delightful birds have inspired me for over 20 years. Our diverse forests, meandering brooks, waterfalls and change of season provide endless inspiration to me. These elements of nature in a kaleidoscopic environment are my primary interest. Motion and mystique are created through deliberate entanglements of brushstrokes, rich colour contrast, the chance effect of impasto, and the innate luminosity of oil paint. Painting alla prima allows every painting to exude its own energy and excitement. I want viewers to escape, even for a brief moment, into my romantic world.


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