Consmueller, Christine

Christine was born in Switzerland in November 1961 and grew up in Munich, Germany, where she graduated from High School in 1980.

She felt fortunate to be exposed to different styles of music, art and literature at a very young age, visiting museums of art and going to concerts. She started studying piano and was guided in her artistic expression of drawing and painting with a private teacher. Her aunt, who was an accomplished artist and musician, especially supported and encouraged her to follow her artistic passions.

Spiritually interested, she started studying Theology in Bonn, Germany while continuing to play the piano and paint. Her continuous interest in other cultures and her strong search for answers and direction within herself, brought her to Atlanta, Georgia, where she graduated with a Masters in Theology at Emory University. 

When she moved to Canada in 1993 she entered an Interior Design Study Program in Toronto at the International School of Design. There, she learned to draw, paint and design. 

Life interfered: she married a Canadian and embraced family life. She has 3 children and moved with her family to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2000 which she calls home to this day.

She continues to avidly pursue music, drawing, and painting. She prides herself on giving her children a creative space, and allowing their own imaginations to flourish. Christine has a deeply ingrained drive to create something beautiful and colourful in a world not constricted by fear, but in a world which is open to limitless possibilities. 


My artwork is intuitive. Every piece is a new experience. I try to reflect my heart, soul and mind in every piece.

The creative process is fluid so I don’t commit to one specific style; I am influenced by cubism, expressionism and fauvism.

My artwork is influenced by the world around me; by people, nature, light, shade, lines and how those intersect, including the unknown and imagined. Abstract forms are my principal focus, usually expressed in acrylics and pastels.

My goal is to inspire people through my work and to illustrate that the world around us can be viewed and interpreted in a variety of imaginative ways.

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