Collection: Cote, Diane

Diane Cote is a visual artist inspired by nature and Nova Scotia alike, which is quite evident in her craft. She was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After living and traveling extensively within Canada, the US and Europe, she returned to Atlantic Canada with an even greater appreciation for its unspoiled, natural beauty.

Diane longs for the peace and solitude of the rural villages and coastal areas of Nova Scotia, where her heart has always been.  Although at home with a variety of mediums, scratchboard engraving, oils and pen & ink remain her favourites.

Now retired,  Diane is able to devote more time to her craft and is mainly self-taught.

Artist's Statement

At the age of 4, I put pencil to paper and started sketching anything and everything.  The pencil is an integral part of my artwork as I believe all good paintings start with an equally good sketch.

I've tried my hand with other medias, and found that oils were my medium of choice for many years - until I had a wonderful opportunity to work and live in Germany for 3 years. This is where I taught myself the art of scratchboard engraving.  It has since been the medium I have specialized in and I will never lose my fascination with it.  It is amazing that a piece of art can quite literally be scratched into existence using hundreds, perhaps thousands, of scratches.

It is so wonderful to now have the time to get back into my art after many years. I believe that art comes from the soul; may I present my spirit.

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