Collection: Cripps, Lee

As a painter, I explore large scale expressionism. My portraits and figure work represent political views of the female position within family, community and nation, my animal figures explore spirit and icon. I am motivated by the energy and beauty I observe in all bodies, human or animal and how they translate as communicative elements in art.

The subject becomes more than just an object in art. The subject becomes the relationship I have with it, the energy exchange and how it’s expressed to audience. My perception of the subject and all it means to me, that is what I aim to express.

My photography explores the power of Nature over us and within us. I have interest in the effects of the elements on life, and the space between life and death and the infinity that exists there.

I am a professional Artist working full time as an Artist, Arts Administrator and Parent in Dartmouth. I am driven by emotion, aesthetic, spirituality, anthropology, and theosophy.

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