Collection: Curley, Dijon

Growing up in Chester, Nova Scotia, Dijon has spent his entire life surrounded by the natural beauty of the region and its art. His mother, Rosalie Bishop, and his father, Donald Curley, are both established artists in their own right. Through their encouragement and influence, he has acquired his own expressive voice.

Dijon draws inspiration from the local landscape. Executed by a heartfelt response to his environment, his deep appreciation for the landscape is obvious to the viewer.

He has had successful showings at Teichert Gallery in Halifax for the past 10 years.

Artist Statement

In every painting I produce, there is an emotional connection – whether a barn on a hill or a rugged coastline, each work coexists with an ever-changing skyline. I strive to capture a moment of tranquility in my work through colour and movement, while balancing between realism and expressionism. My intent is to give the viewer a moment of tranquility from a fast-paced world and to allow reflection.

My chosen medium is acrylic. Its versatility allows me to play with light and shadow. While exaggerating these elements, I focus on producing works that are believable.