Collection: Curtis, Grace

Grace Curtis holds a Commercial Art Degree from Pensacola Christian College. Once completed, Grace continued training under the instruction of Mr. Brian Jekel, and in May 2011 graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art.

 Grace's most recent art reflects rural life in PEI and the Canadian Maritimes. She resides in Summerside, PEI with her husband and stepdaughters. Her favorite subjects are lazy beach days, and rural farm life. She loves the peaceful landscape of the Island and hopes to portray this special part of God's creation in her work.

 Grace works primarily in oil, often watercolor, and occasionally gouache or digital media. Grace's work is shown in galleries throughout the Maritime Provinces and in private collections across the US and Canada.

Artist Statement

“I find myself fascinated by light and how it can beautify any scene. I love the challenge of capturing the illusion of light with paint pigments.

 As my work evolves, I find it has become about the light of sweet rural memories. The brilliance of summer light - the sparkle of salt water and bright pasture grass, those are the moments that we all want to keep forever. I count these memories as God-given gifts, gifts that I hope relate to each of us. Each time I go to my studio or paint plein air, I study beautiful light-filled moments. My goal is to preserve and evoke those happy rural memories.”

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