Flemming, Cheryl

Cheryl is from Nova Scotia and has had a career as a professional architect and also as an executive in the Federal Government for several years. She returned to her true passion, painting, five years ago full time. Since then she has studied with several well known international artists in California, Arizona and here in the Atlantic Canada. Cheryl’s work has been juried into high end galleries and shows in
Laguna Beach, Palm Springs and La Quinta California as well as several here in Halifax and Lunenburg.


Artist Statement

I am inspired and uplifted by beauty, nature and a positive vision for the future. I paint images of beauty and nature that aim to bring positive energy into my clients’ environments. I believe that when living with and enjoying beautiful art, one’s state of mind and spirit is uplifted and expanded. By escaping into a beautiful scene of nature or an artful abstract composition in a painting, the viewer is uplifted into a more expanded and elevated mindset resulting in conditions which contribute to health and success. I believe engagements with beautiful art gives hope for the future and a better life.

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