Collection: Forrestall, Curphey

Michael Curphey Forrestall was born in 1967, the son of an artist and an art teacher. He started painting in oils and watercolours in his early teens. His interest in multi-media started young with heroes like Laurie Anderson and Andy Warhol.

Artist Statement

After living in New York, apprenticing with Steve Parrino and meeting other post-modern artists like Olivier Moset and Steve Debendetto, Forrestall was left in a state of transition. This commenced a nearly ten-year period of minimalist and mostly non-objective work. Feeling his work still lacked a concise vision and purpose, he continued to paint, but seldom exhibited. In the late nineties, he was working on a series that was, in his words, "almost there". These abstract landscapes and skyscapes meant to represent spirits or ghosts were truly the beginning of his current series. The series evolved, taking influence from mural painting, and continues to develop..

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