Collection: Fraser, Leslie

Leslie Fraser grew up in Dartmouth and currently lives and works out of her studio in Malagash, Nova Scotia. Her work, generally composed with ink on watercolour paper, often depicts wildlife, especially birds. In sharp contrast to her highly realistic black and white art, she creates vividly coloured, more abstract images with oils and acrylics on canvas. Nature is an underlying theme in nearly all her work.

Leslie studied songbirds and their habitats at Dalhousie University. After attaining her degree, she became a mother and home educator of four children; as they have become more independent, she has given more time to her art. Largely self-taught, she emerged as an artist in 2017. Her work has been exhibited throughout Nova Scotia and is part of many collections across Canada and the United States.


Life and nature are so full of beauty…zooming in and out, the changes over time…every part is spectacular. Time spent in nature allows me to soak in the bigger picture and also stop to pay attention to little details, when I draw even more elements emerge that I didn’t notice at first.