Collection: Fraser, Marianne

Marianne Fraser worked as a professional photographer in Holland. Her clients were diverse, from the ‘low-profile world’ of Public Transportation to the polished environment of the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam.

Being trained as an ‘old school’ photographer – she was educated at the ‘Fotovakschool’ in Apeldoorn – Marianne entered the world of digital photography reluctantly at first. However, she soon she discovered its endless creative possibilities and fell in love with it.

In 2003, she and her family moved from the hustle and bustle of western Holland to the peace and quiet of rural Nova Scotia.

Artist statement

I am a strong believer that ‘less is more’. I apply this principle also to my photography: peeling away the layers until the essence is revealed.

Macro photography opened a completely new world to me. In the smallest of ordinary things, beautiful treasures are hidden. Often invisible to the naked eye, a new universe opens up; especially with macro shots of flowers, nature’s most exquisite handiwork can be seen. This is an intimate sphere, reduced to its bare minimum, where we can find the essence in abstract forms and lines.

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