Collection: Gruenewald, Karl

Originally from Dieppe, New Brunswick, Karl is a Canadian artist currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University in 2014, Karl has continued to produce art and engage with the local arts community while also broadening his interests to include architecture and the built form.

Karl has also traveled and worked abroad, most recently as a designer at an architecture firm in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture degree at Dalhousie University.

Artist Statement

I make use of a disciplined, detail-oriented approach in conjunction with a strong narrative element to imbue each of my projects with a carefully considered sense of atmosphere.

These evocations, alongside the rich surface qualities that make up each work, serve to address conventions of ornamentation used to elevate or lend importance to a vast range of iconographies throughout history. An exploration of the role and meaning of these iconographies – and in some cases a lack thereof – is central to both my artistic and architectural studies.

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