Collection: Hainstock, Bob

Bob Hainstock is an art educator, former journalist and award-winning author, and visual artist. He has lived and worked in Western Canada and Atlantic Canada, and currently shares his rural studio/gallery in the Annapolis Valley with wife, Judy, a clay artist. His studio practices include printmaking, painting, metal sculpture, and mixed media. Hainstock has exhibited his work in numerous solo shows across Canada, as well as many group shows in Canada, United States, Europe and Asia, and is part of several private and public collections.

Artist Statement

My work is focused mainly on rural landscape. In particular, the threatened rural culture that is being threatened by depopulation, environmental degradation, and economic strangulation. My unique signature in the art world is my use of the rust print as foundation for all printmaking and mixed media work. I use the rust as a metaphoric underpainting for abstracted landscapes. This suggests that rust is the final phase in the life cycle of all useful natural or man-made materials, and that its subtle presence in my work suggests a weakness or even a looming danger in our world of rural beauty, balance, and life values.