Collection: Hannon, Paul

Paul Hannon is a Halifax, Nova Scotia artist painting urban and coastal scenes of Atlantic Canada.

Paul studied at the State University of New York at Oswego where he majored in Fine Arts, and at Pratt Graphics in New York City. There he studied with Anna Wong, and with Elaine de Kooning as part of the Empire State College “Studio Without Walls” program.

Paul’s move to Nova Scotia in 1989 coincided with a renewed and reinvigorated connection to painting. Paul is represented in numerous public, private and corporate collections and he continues to live and work in Halifax.

Artist Statement

Through painting, I attempt to create a portrait revealing contemporary life in this 21st century, but one that is not simply objectively realist. I infuse my work with whatever nuances of light and mood I am feeling in response to the subject.

I have a deep connection to our city and province, this everyday world surrounding us with its’ rugged, worn and rusty beauty. I really connect with the city and I look at my motifs with a certain intellectual and aesthetic independence. I feel I can alter the subject matter to align with my own sensibility. Within this process, I’m interpreting select “things” and synthesizing them into a cohesive whole. I’m able to do this through staging, lighting and composition. These are the key elements of my style.

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