Ivanov, Vasile

Born in a remote farming village in Romania, he came to Canada in 2001. He is of a rich Russian heritage and both these origins contribute to his work. Vasile is trained as a master tile layer where his artistic talent warrants merit. After being discovered by his wife, he took classes at NSCAD from local well-known painters, but has been largely self-taught. He studies and paints endlessly in his free time surrounded by his wife and 5 kids. His work is exhibited in the homes of several art collectors, at Living Well and at Teichert Gallery in NS.

Artist’s Statement

My mind enters a different dimension when I paint and it’s more a feeling than thinking. Painting for me is a privilege and a gift that allows me to express myself and reflect the beauty I see around me. It makes people happy. Why wouldn’t I? I’m very fortunate.

I receive great pleasure from the creative process, which I also describes as therapeutic. My images reflect my appreciation for natural beauty. When form meets feeling something resonates that I am able to translate into charismatic and colourful oils.