Collection: Jacquard, Adriane

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Adriane now lives in Hammonds Plains and creates in her home studio. She uses acrylic and mixed media to create colourful, dramatic abstract pieces. Her works are colourful and happy, sometimes whimsical and often tranquil.

In 2014, after a 30-year business career in the Telecom Industry, Adriane picked up a paint brush and has been passionate about creating and sharing her work ever since.  She is a member of VANS (Visual Arts Nova Scotia) and enjoys giving back to her community through art.  She regularly supports Mosaics for Mental Health, Adsum House and L’Arche fundraisers.  

Artist Statement

I've always had a need to create in my life.  Being highly observant and having a keen awareness of the beauty and colour in the natural world, I was inspired to start painting as a form of self expression.  Largely self-taught, my art journey started in 2014.  I've studied with various artists and continue to hone my skills through courses and workshops.
In my recent work I am exploring abstraction through fluid paint, colour, and movement. Abstract art creates such a sense of freedom and individuality for me. Inspiration comes from my fascination with nature, travelling, the human spirit and my love of life. 
Acrylic is my medium of choice for its versatility and ease of use.  I also use other media such as gels, modeling paste, oil sticks, pens, ink and resin to create mixed media pieces.  I love colour and will often use bright, bold colour along with metallic and iridescent paints or pigments.  Most of my work is done with a brush, sometimes I use a palette knife or other tools. I may use pouring and drip techniques as well.