Ji, Wenxiu

Wenxiu Ji was born and raised in Xi'an, a historical city in China. She graduated from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Art. After she achieved her B.F.A.,  she worked as a fine art instructor in some local art studios. She later built her own art studio to share knowledge and art experience for the children and adults. During that time, she also created many artworks. 

Artist Statement

I grew up in a historical city in China, many artists, museums, musicians, and universities are in my city. Wherever I am, all of the arts surround me. 

Since I was eight years old, I started learning drawing and painting. I cannot live without drawing; it is like a sun that gives me energy in my life. I like nature and outdoor activities. I like trees, drawing the different static and dynamic trees to express the sensations and ideas that I want to show. When I paint, I can forget about everything. I suppose that artworks can bring energy to people because the work is created by the pure artist. 

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