Kim, Inae

Inae Kim was born in South Korea, where she attended university obtaining both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Certificate of Fine Arts Teaching degree. She majored in graphic design and began her working career as an art teacher and a commercial artist. In 1996, Inae, with her husband and two children, made the decision to move to Canada.

Inae has received a number of awards and one of her paintings was selected for the Art Bank Collection in 2009. In 2015, she received the Deserres Halifax Award in the 90th Open Juried International Water Based Media Exhibition in Halifax.

Inae worked as an instructor of the Watercolor workshop for the Newcomer Program in the Halifax Library. She has received commissions for her work from clients in Halifax and from as far away as Toronto and England.

Artist Statement

My paintings tell the story about my experience, emotion, and my love of creation. I am constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds me, and I use my brush to preserve the moment I experience and ideas that catch my sense of awe.

I am fascinated by architecture in Halifax, especially historical buildings downtown and colorful houses surrounded by nature. My paintings document what we often do not notice as we go about our daily routine. Capturing the sunlight and the colors are always the most important elements in my paintings.

My favorite medium is watercolor, because its immediacy and transparency is undeniable and I never tire of watching the colors mix and mingle on the paper. My art is my communication tool, and I feel I am successful in my art if I am able to tell a story, evoke an emotion in the viewer or capture someone’s personality.

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