Collection: Klass, George

Born in Danbury, England in 1944 to Austrian parents, George Klass spent his early childhood in Southern England before moving to Malaysia with his parents in 1954. At age nine he was taking photographs together with his father and developing them in the kitchen sink. He vividly remembers having to do things in total darkness and later making contact prints by flashing the light on and off and then watching the print appear like magic in the developer. Since that time, George has taken an ardent interest in photography. Starting with monochrome, he did his own developing and printing. He then moved to colour slides and now uses the latest technology to pursue this fascinating hobby. 

Through his career, he has been fortunate enough to travel the planet, living in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the West Indies. George switched to digital in 1998 using a Kodak DC50 and continues to expand his portfolio in this media. He presently uses Nikon cameras and lenses as they are compatible with his older Nikkor lenses from the mid 80’s. He became a Canadian in 1982 and moved to Nova Scotia in 1992. This has been defined as “the golden age of photography” and he is thrilled to be a part of it.

Artist’s Statement

Today I strive to capture and reproduce images of the wonderful world around me, for no other reason than to simply find my own inner balance, to use my time productively, to leave something behind and to share my experiences with others. Light is everything and the world is changing so very rapidly. There is almost no time to capture images of things we take for granted before they change and are gone forever.